Braden Kramer

The Diagnosis

On September 21st, 2015 Braden Kramer was diagnosed with t-cell all (acute lymphoblastic leukemia).  Braden’s family quickly recognized the challenges and heartache that accompany a childhood cancer diagnosis. The initial months seemed like a tornado of medical terms to be learned, reports to be read and lifestyle changes that our family needed to adapt to in order to provide the best environment for Braden. As we went through treatment and began to grasp our new reality it became clear how blessed we were to have the resources we had and competent medical team to get Braden on to recovery. Through these experiences we felt compelled to help families that would benefit from the type of community support we were so fortunate to have. 

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The Foundation

The Purpose

As family and friends have wrapped their minds around Braden and his family's "new normal", it was evident that we all are affected by cancer in some way. The funds donated to the Braden Kramer Foundation will be directed to children and their families affected by pediatric cancer.

The Braden Kramer Foundation was established in February of 2016 to “help families fighting childhood cancer”. The board of the BK Foundation is comprised of seven people passionate about providing support to uplift the youth in our community:

Paul Worstell – Chairman

Doug Hiegel – Treasurer

Paul Kramer – Braden’s Grandfather

Andrea Kramer – Braden’s Aunt

Rich Kramer – Braden’s Dad

Katie Kramer, JD. - Secretary

Susie Grace, MD. - Board Member


The fundraising arm for the Braden Kramer Foundation will be the black swamp classic.  This is a premier annual golf outing that has raised over 2.4 million dollars for our community over the last 20 years.

Faith is Strength

"This experience is just another reminder that we have no real control over our life and we should keep our blessings at the forefront of our minds. Braden has been so strong throughout the process, he hasn't liked pricks and pokes but he still manages a little smile when he sees a familiar face.  The doctors, nurses and the entire medical staff at Nationwide Children's Hospital have been amazing.  We are thankful for all the prayers from friends and family (that support helps so much during a time like this).  It's tough not to feel blessed when you realize that we are in a situation where we know what the problem is, we have a beautiful son who knows how to fight, we have the best medical team available, and we have all the support from you. We want to thank everyone for the outpouring of love we have received.  God is good!"

- Rich Kramer (Braden's father).


Through our partnership with the black swamp classic and the generosity of philanthropic donors, the Braden Kramer Foundation has raised over $119,070.42. In October of 2016 we were able to donate $25,000.00 to Cancer Patient Services of Hancock County so they can better support local families affected by cancer. Our involvement with this local organization provided us opportunities to make a generous contribution, as well as, learn about how we can better advance our organization's mission. Since then our Board of Directors have better defined the mission of the foundation which allows our focus to be narrow and deep.  


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