Meet Our Superheroes! 

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Super Hero #1: Elise

Diagnosis:  Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) 

Date of diagnosis:   Feb 2017       

Hobbies/Interest: Loves art using many different mediums.  Pencil her favorite.  Playing guitar, ukulele, keyboard, and harmonica. 

Super Hero 2. Lexi.png

Super Hero 2: Lexi

Diagnosis: Stage 4 Ewing Sarcoma 

Diagnosis Date:   May 5th, 2017 

Age: 20

Interests: Broadway musicals, movies, and board games. 


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Super Hero 3: Olivia

Diagnosis: Sarcoma 

Date of Diagnosis: January 2017 

Age: 10   

Interests: Olivia is very spiritual and loves to skate, sled and swim when she isn’t spending time with her cats and family dog Max.  

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Super Hero 4: Caleb

Diagnosis: ICF Syndrome (immune system deficiency) 

Date of diagnosis: June 2017 

Age: 18 months

Interests: Elmo, Paw Patrol, and wrestling with his big brother. 


Superhero 5. Savanna.png

Super Hero 5: Savanna

Diagnoses: Stage 3 Renal Cancer a.k.a Wilms Tumor 

Date of Diagnoses: February 2018 

Age: 2

Interests: Peppa Pig and Dora. Twin  dolls. Suckers. 


Super Hero 6: Wade

Diagnoses: High Risk Neuroblastoma Cancer, Stage M 

Date of Diagnoses: January 2018

Age: 1

Interests:  Playing with his brothers, wrestling with dad, playing with tractors.


Super Hero 7: Atlas

Diagnoses: Hepatoblastoma (liver  cancer), stage 3

Date of Diagnoses: July2018

Age: 7 months


Super Hero 8: Ryder

Diagnoses: Medulloblastoma in the Cerebellum

Date of Diagnoses: July2018

Age: 2 years old


Super Hero 9: Emily

Diagnoses: Pre b cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Date of Diagnoses: August 2018

Age: 3 years old

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Super Hero 10: Lena

Diagnoses: Wilms tumor on her right kidney

Date of Diagnoses: January 2019

Age: 2 years old

Interests: Babies, Animals, and playing kitchen