Joining Forces

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Dear Patient of Nationwide Children’s Hospital,

We are writing directly to you because the Nationwide Children’s Hospital team is currently providing hematology and oncology care for a member of your family. Blanchard Valley Health System (BVHS) and Nationwide Children’s Hospital (NCH) work together in a collaborative partnership.

BVHS physicians receive advanced education and training as well as direct consultation with specialists at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus.

This communication is to inform you that the Emergency Department at Blanchard Valley Health System has worked collaboratively with Nationwide Children’s Hospital to adopt a care pathway for immunocompromised children. This care pathway allows us to utilize the same protocol as NCH for quickly identifying and beginning treatment of infections in children who are considered to be potentially immunocompromised. Therefore, if you are living in the Hancock County region and need immediate medical attention for your child, then we are confident in our ability to assess your child, begin a care regimen, and consult with your specialists at Nationwide Children’s to formulate a recommendation for the next steps in care.

We are all working together to provide elite, individualized care for your child. It is our hope that these services at BVHS will offer comfort and convenience to your family in these situations where time is of the essence for quality outcomes.

Additionally, we would like to inform you of a local foundation who may be able to offer assistance to your family in Hancock County that may be affected by pediatric cancer. For more information, please visit

Pediatric Hospitalist Providers
Blanchard Valley Hospital

Andrea Kramer