Pediatric Cancer Through the Mothers Eyes


Being a mom is a full-time job. They are always on the go and making sure everything is going according to plan. When a mom’s child has pediatric cancer, it can be nearly impossible to have a plan and keep things together.
In honor of Mother’s Day coming up, it is important to get a sense of understanding on what mothers are going through during Pediatric Cancer journey and how they feel.

Below is a poem written by a mother of a child who has pediatric cancer.

I Feel.

I hate watching you lay there so scared and confused.
I just wish there was something that mommy could do.
I know you feel sick and I know you feel scared,
But hang in there baby mommy is here
“You’re doing great” is what the doctors say.
Just keep fighting Sadie. It will be over one day.
I feel what you’re feeling and it doesn’t feel good.
We have to keep praying. The Bible says we should.
I have feelings that I shouldn’t say
And when you’re old enough you can read them one day.
I’m scared and my stomach hurts.
I have a sharp pain shooting through my heart.
It’s hard to breath watching you cry.
My tears pour like rain falling from the sky.
Late at night I watch you sleep and I thank the Lord you’re still here with me.
I always ask and wonder why…Why God? why? Why? Why?
I wish I could take the cancer away
And go back to living our lives day by day.
I’m sorry you lost most of your hair.
It will grow back, though. I promise. I swear.
I feel it all with you baby so you’re not alone.
So, watch out cancer. It’s Mommy and Sadie and we’re bad to the bone!

--Amie Kobielnik


I hope by reading the poem that you were able to get a better understanding of what Pediatric Cancer mothers go through. Remember to acknowledge and thank those mothers for everything that they do😊