A Fun Day to Fundraise!

A Fun Day to Fundraise!

Many people dread fundraisers. Buying products that you won't use or going to boring events.  Why not enjoy yourself while you raise money for families in need? Look no further because the Black Swamp Classic is for you!  


Black Swamp Classic

On May 14th-15th the 19th annual Black Swamp Classic will be held. This is a premiere golf event with activities for all ages to enjoy. This will be a 2-day packed event full of fun events while fundraising for a good cause. Part of the funds raised will be donated to the Braden Kramer Foundation. This foundation helps community children and their families affected by pediatric cancer.  Learn more.  

Many of the parents affected by pediatric cancer do not have the luxury of leaving their jobs for a certain amount of time to give their children the full attention that they need. This puts unnecessary stress on the whole family. Thankfully, the Black Swamp Classic allows you to help while enjoying yourself.  

Register in 4 simple steps!  

1.     Click on the event(s) you would like to participate in 

2.     Add the event to your cart

3.     Include payment information 

4.     You are all done and ready to have fun!  

*Note: Limited spots available* 


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